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Tyrone Pickens

Director, Outreach & Operational Analytics

“Lions do not care what sheep think.” Miles Monrose

Tyrone Pickens is an accomplished operations professional with 30 years of operating experience. Tyrone’s areas of expertise include growing and scaling operations, administrative management, as well as training and supporting staff.

Tyrone is currently Director of Outreach and Operational Analytics for Complete Care Management Partners where he is growing and managing Community Connectors, the CCMP field team of community health workers working to find and engage the assigned hard to reach client-members. He also oversees the operational analytics team which oversees all data processes, including review andanalyzation, to develop short and long-term data and analytics strategies to support our care management and administrative operations across the business.

In a previous role, Tyrone served as the Deputy Director of Energy Services for the Community Economic Development Authority (CEDA) where he supervised and directed all Energy Services staff (65-85 persons) daily to ensure programmatic performance, compliance, and positive customer outcomes. He collaborated closely with the Director of Energy Services to understand: Managing Budgets, Production Planning, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and Policy as it relates to the Energy Services Programs success. Tyrone is an expert in managing high volume, staff intensive operations.

Before joining CEDA in September of 2017, he served as a Corporate Trainer for Performance Management for Ameren ILLINOIS, where he trained Customer Service Associates (CSAs) on variety of topics and ensured company policies and procedures were adhered to during interaction between CSAs and customers via monitoring calls, utilizing information from calls to resolve requests from CSAs about procedures, resolving procedural questions/issues presented by CSAs via email, and fielding calls from the IL Commerce Commission (ICC).

Tyrone is a husband, father of six and grandfather of five. He enjoys spending time with his family and listening to music and traveling.